"get off the floor to train your core"

Stand Up Abs® is a great way to train the core with the benefit of resistance while STANDING!  Core strength is important because almost all movement that the human body makes is either generated from the core or moves through the core.

"Combined Training" - the new way to train by combining cardio with resistance.  With Stand Up Abs® you can train the entire body and improve strength, balance, flexibility, stability and increase stamina.  Stand Up Abs® is for ALL fitness levels from the beginner just embarking on a new fitness journey to the seasoned athlete that needs a great high-quality fitness tool.

About Stand Up Abs®

Give it a try!  

Stand Up Abs® gives core training a brand new look -


We all need fresh new ways to train and strengthen the core besides on the floor, so Stand Up Abs® does just that!  For those who can't or don't get on the floor, here is the solution to target your core and much more...

 Stand Up Abs® can be used alone
or with any fitness routine for "Combined Training"


Love Zumba?  Use Stand Up Abs® with your next class.  

Cardio Kickboxing?  Add Stand Up Abs® for a more intense workout!  Whatever your group fitness class passion, add Stand Up Abs® and feel the difference!

A Mayo Clinic Study release in March of 2017 indicates that "Combined Training", cardiorespiratory and resistance training at the same time, has been shown to be one of the best training methods to reverse some cellular aspects of aging in adults.  


Butt   Hips    Thighs   Core   Butt   Hips   Thighs   Core   Butt   Hips

Tone   Shape    Lift    Firm   Tone  Shape    Lift   Firm   Tone

Target the "Butt HipsThighs" with Stand Up Abs®

YES, Stand Up Abs® is awesome for the butt, hip and thigh areas.   Tighten the butt, tone the hips and firm up those thighs all with a few simple but effective moves with Stand Up Abs®

Why does Stand Up Abs®

stand out from the rest?

Stand Up Abs®
Total Body
  • Two high quality ankle straps
    Cushioned for comfort and a stirrup keeps them in place, all metal parts
  • Two handles
    Handles are cushioned for a better grip
  • Two 5-lb. fabric-covered resistance bands
    Fabric protects skin from irritation/allergies
  • Two 10-lb. fabric-covered resistance bands
    Both bands have metals clips - no plastic parts
  • Instructional DVD
    Walks you through the core exercises and a 5-minute core burning workout
  • User Manual
    Exercise guide for a total body workout
  • Convenient carrying bag
    Entire package is less than one pound - great for travel

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