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Variety of Seated and Standing Exercises

Stand Up Abs® is so versatile.  Pick from these different exercises, do them consecutively or in sets or make up your own exercises!  

Lower Body Exercises

A series of lower body exercises that can be done individually or combined as a group.  Use your imagination!

Side Shuffle Kick

This is a combined training move - get your cardio revved and work those thighs and hips, too!  

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Squat with Side Crunch/Kick

Another burner for sure!  Squat with a side crunch or side kick - you can mix it up and feel the burn.  These are a great combination move that is sure the work the butt, hips, thighs and core!

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Crazy Jacks

A new twist on the ole jumping jacks.  You can do the standard jumping jacks, too, with major effect!  So, either way you are doing an amazing combined training move - cardio and resistance at the same time!

Curtsey/Side Lunge Combo

This is an amazing combination of lunges. Alternate curtsey lunge right into a side lunge.  Drive with your heels when pushing off for ultimate glute training.   Reps and sets as you can...typically 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps. Lunge on fellow SUA lovers ;-)

Lunges are the Ultimate

 Alternating Rear or Reverse Lunges. We love lunges and we do them in many different directions! For this move, you'll be challenging not only all aspects of the legs but also your balance. Engage your core, take a step backward with one leg and bend your supporting leg creating a 90 degree at the knee. The "step back" leg should have bent knee with lower leg parallel to the floor. Drive back into standing position with the heel of the supporting leg and toes with your "step back" leg. Reps and sets as you can...typically 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps. Lunge on fellow SUA lovers ;-)

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